Reply To: Is this caused by ADHD?


I can completely relate to this!!! I am formally diagnosed ADHD (combined type) and I find I am constantly seeking more information. I attribute this to two things. First, my brain is always seeking a novel stimulus, new and often times very in depth serves this purpose. I am genuinely curious and enjoy learning these things while others could seemingly care less. I want to know the “why”, while neurotypical individuals seem much more happy to “take things at face value.” The second aspect of this is that I seem to need to wrap my head around all the aspects of things. I just ask soo many more questions than my peers and need to really dig into details. The more I am learning about my diagnosis the more I am aware of things like this and can try to adapt my behavior. That being said, I absolutely love my ADHD self. As much as traits like this an feel like a burden,they can also be a blessing.

Oh…and for whatever reason, I find I learn and comprehend best when I can use an analogy for understanding a given phenomena

🙂 Michaela

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