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She just started summer school today. Due to her bad behavior and lack of doing her work in school she had to go.
Her mom and I dropped her off, so she wouldn’t think it was a punishment from me. That it was because she didn’t do her assignments in school.
Pick up was just me. I had a mom moment asked How was your day? Do you like your teacher? How did it go? I’m not allowed to ask those questions. I get short rude comments. Therapist told me stop asking her. She told me she hates when I ask it’s annoying. So out of instinct I asked. It’s habit. So all day I got attitude just because I cared to ask.
It’s hard to not take it personal. It’s hard knowing I’m the only one she can Express this too.
I am going away but she won’t see it. I’m going when she’s at her mother’s. Can’t go while she’s here because my husband will have no one to watch her if he gets a call in the middle of the night.
I keep asking him to take a night off and I’ll go stay at my sister’s for the night so she can see I’m not always gonna be here. But he thinks she’ll enjoy it and not even acknowledge I left. He doesn’t cook or clean. He doesn’t make sure she gets a shower. If it wasn’t for me she’d never have any of that.
I feel like I’m being taken forgranted not appreciated. I know it’s her and ADHD and ODD. But it’s hard really really hard. It’s hard not to feel this way. I try to step back and I get it I really do. How do I move past that? I am overwhelmed. I can’t even ask how her day was!!! What mom can’t ask their kid how was their day??
I feel there’s no light at the end of this tunnel.
Honestly I feel more like an under paid babysitter for my husband and his ex wife.

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