Reply To: 99% sure I have ADHD, but scared


I can relate to that fear. I suspected ADHD when I was about 20 but let someone persuade me I was wrong. Similar story to yours and the lady above who wrote about her own experience and made an account just to come and tell you her story and encourage you. Knowing I have ADHD now (diagnosed 12 months ago after reading an article on this website which pretty much sounded exactly like my life) and my life is getting back on track. I understand now why I’m so intelligent yet couldn’t fallow through on anything. Forgetful,messy,blah blah blah. Affecting home and work life to the point I had to tell my boss I couldn’t keep up with my job. As soon as I said I think I have ADD,my boss goes “aaaah”. A lot made sense for her about me then too! Luckily my boss has stood by me and supported me in the 2 years it has taken to get on track. My mood has lifted significantly (I correctly diagnosed with depression a number of times, medication didnt work because I forgot it all the time but it also was not what I needed), my confidence has returned. I understand so much about myself and I’m a lot kinder to myself. People generally dont understand, including my own family. My husband had to do a lot of reading to really get it but knowing has changed out lives.

My 4yo son is recovering from the 2 years I spent stressed etc and this is my biggest regret, that my spiralling affected him. However I highly highly encourage you to get assessed. My GP (general medical doctor on New Zealand) did not want to refer me to a specialist for assessment but I insisted. Best thing I ever did.

I’m 31 and feeling so much more positive about life because I KNOW myself. I dont have to wonder why I’m so smart but cant keep up with “the basics” of life,that others do so effortlessly…