Reply To: Arfid – No appetite


Maybe his body isn’t requiring much if any food/nourishment because of his HIGH sedentary lifestyle.
I’m surprised no medical professionals have addressed this issue.
As an outsider, I’d can only recommend that you’d continue to allow video game play….
ONLY IF he does some other physical activity for at least 30-60 minutes a day.
Not saying that it has to be continually non stop activity. Maybe do activities in 20 minute increments for equal amount of play time.
ie: 20 minutes of bicycling = 20 minutes of video games.
With him in particular not being very active, depending on the activity, I’d start off with 10 minutes or less at a time to keep focus on the task, build up momentum & not exhaust, nor harm him. (10 min, 3 x’s a day)

There needs to be balance. No child (or adult 😉) should be “allowed” to vegetate in front of electronics day in, day out.

It’s summer time here, & actually this week has been BEAUTIFUL! I don’t know many, if any child/person who can resist swimming, be it indoors/outdoors, lakes, oceans etc…
Following that activity also usually produces HUGE appetites.
Just being outdoors can as well. Sunshine is a hormone, vitamin and mood booster.
I could be wrong (in your home), but most rooms where video games are played aren’t exactly open aired & sunshiny! 😉
I do hope your son regains an appetite soon.
I’ll be keeping you all in prayer!
Let us know how goes! God Bless! xoxoxo