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I am 47, ADD continues to be expensive. You know the saying “Everything has a place and everything in its place”? The big key to this one – is everything has a place first (and I am still working on this first bit). The launching and landing pad mentioned above is really important. It took my husband a couple of years but he has finally trained me to hang my keys on the hook when I get home – instead of setting them down randomly in places like, say, the refrigerator.

I always wonder at folks who hang their coats on coat racks at restaurants – I would never see the coat again. Neuro-typical folks seem to have a place in their brain that hangs onto locations where they set stuff down, most ADDers don’t have this function – that spot in our brain is busy doing something far more creative and interesting (I am sure).

I need to have a place for things and put things in places where I have to remember them. Put the bills to mail in front of the speedometer in the car. I literally put things I must remember where I will “trip” over them. This is a form of a mnemonic device. These are great to learn about if he has not already.

When he has a big day the next day tell him to “set yourself up for success” by preloading the backpack/car with everything he needs and setting out his outfit.

Remind him to be gentle with himself. Teach him how to “retrace his steps.” This is something that gets stronger with practice and can’t be done while one is upset.

I think the Tile idea is a great one – someone got me something similar for Christmas last year… it’s in a box somewhere – you might have to facilitate that! Make sure you have the “find my phone” website saved to your hotbar on the home computer (it is least likely to wander off).

Never put off something that he can do NOW – then folks will think he is on the ball and when something is done you can’t forget to do it later.

This brain type takes some significant self-managing techniques – but it is awesome, creative and one of the brain types that moves the human race forward!

Give your son a hug, it’s just a phone and a learning experience in the rearview mirror.

Good luck – A. O. – Ph.D. MSW

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