Reply To: Is this caused by ADHD?


I found this conversation very interesting! I hadn’t thought about it as an ADHD trait before (I am an over-50 female, formally diagnosed with ADHD six years ago, am on medication, and see a therapist) but when I saw this, I knew it must be related now that I know I’m not the only one!

I drive my co-workers (and myself) crazy trying to understand things. I find I have to immerse myself in a subject to be able to do the job right, which has made me wonder if that’s my brain trying to make the task at hand more interesting so that I can actually get it done, and done well? My co-workers seem to be able to just do what they’re asked to do. That sounds so dreadful to my brain, if I’m not engaged with the task, I won’t care enough and won’t get it done. Of course, having to immerse myself in all of this is exhausting too…

One day I was feeling especially frustrated at work, because I felt like I was BEING frustrating. I Googled about it from the perspective of my coworkers and came across an article about managing people who are “maladaptive perfectionists.” Is that us? Do they have it wrong and it’s not about being “perfectionists,” it’s just another word for not wanting to be completely wrong? The article did note that though the maladaptive perfectionist employee might be a challenge to manage, they’re worth the time because they actually care about the work.

Anyway, all very interesting. And every time I learn something new about myself (become AWARE of something new), it helps :-).