Reply To: Hate Sleeping-ADHD Related?


I have always had an issue winding down at
Night and trying to realx enough to go to sleep. First of all my doctor said “don’t take Zoloft at night”. So I always take it in the morning. What I also try to do is take achewable 5mg melatonin around 9 pm so I can wind down. I also try to (not watch tv) and read something kind of boring before bed. Zanax has also helped me let go and fall asleep. I worry about the long term use of it though. I know 2 people who are on trazodone so they are able to fall asleep. They say it works great. Just hearing ur dr won’t let u take Zoloft in the morning seems weird. U may want to consider another doctor. Mine let me add well
Butrin no problem to the Zoloft when I struggled last fall. Took it for a few weeks and then felt too peppy so I stopped. Good luck!