Reply To: Is this caused by ADHD?


Interesting! On paper, I am a successful business woman and mother of two. Behind the scenes is another story. I was diagnosed as dyslexic and ADHD last year aged 45 and my whole life is (and lifelong struggles are) beginning to make sense now!

I am seeing a counselor at the moment and she told me very recently that one of my ADHD strengths is that I can see things from most angles…I consider everything from every angle/viewpoint etc before I make a decision/feel comfortable. This certainly isn’t the case for everything but enough to make your post resonate. The problem is this can ‘paralyse’ me from delivering things as quickly as I’d like to or am expected to as I want to think through more, digest, ask questions. We teach children that asking questions is good – I believe this strongly. It often really shocks me to observe colleagues ploughing ahead without seemingly considering all the facts, possible outcomes. Training is also tricky for others as I have so many questions…
So this is a long way of saying yes I think it is ADHD related and whilst it can be frustrating at times for us and others, it can actually be a strength if we learn to be aware and how to manage it.