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I’m sorry you’re feeling this way! Sometimes having someone to listen helps a lot. We have been waiting in some form or another for 5.5 years and are still waiting! What I have learned with my ADHD/ODD son as we wait wait wait for the diagnoses:
Webinars help!
Joining Facebook groups and having community support helps!
Treating yourself with tips and tricks as though you already have the diagnosis helps!
Advocate for yourself, get as many professionals to help you as you can!
Don’t put yourself in situations where you are going to fail.
Support yourself by putting yourself in situations you know you can thrive in.
Pat yourself on the back for little victories.
Encourage your husband to attend a webinar with you or read a book so he can better understand what you are going through.
Focus on your strengths.
Make slow but steady progress.
Identify your weaknesses and ask for help.
Find a way that works for YOU. This is very different for every ADHD person.
Don’t be afraid to reach out for help.
If one doc can’t help you- find another!
Some docs are willing to administer meds before having a formal diagnosis. If they see you have a paper trail to back you up!