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<Call your son over and have him pick up the items and put them where they go. Ask HIM where he thinks is a more appropriate place for each item. This is the only way he will learn to slow down some and not always drop things wherever. Yes, doing it yourself is so much easier, but you’re enabling the problem. Trust me, I’m a reformed enabler. 😉 >

Yes this is good advice I know. Generally I do this, but sometimes when I am tidying and he’s not home I just need a place to put school papers and things.

Also I’m not sure if he will ever learn even with making him do it himself. Every single day for about 3 years I called him back to put his shoes away in his shoe drawer after he kicked them off in the kitchen. He showed absolutely no sign of improvement, it just became his routine. So now I call it close enough if his shoes are in front of the drawer. Pick your battles and all that!!