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People fear what they don’t understand, and most people don’t understand psychostimulant medication. Mostly because we have a very strong anti-drug culture, in spite of the fact that most people consume some sort of mood altering substance daily. They take a “if it ain’t my drug, it’s bad” approach.

Anyway, stimulant medication is safe and effective, ADHD is proven to exist (genetics and brain scan confirm), and there isn’t any other scientific finding that contradicts that. Ideological propaganda is hard to overcome, and that’s what spreads the anti-ADHD/anti-medication message. Science says it’s safe.

Alternative methods don’t work unless your condition is very mild. Research has shown that those with ADHD are far more prone to fall victim to the number one childhood killer: accidental injury. Due to poor impulse control, poor cause and effect thinking, strong urge for risk taking, etc. Meaning your health is much more at risk (by a very very large margin) without stimulant medication (should you be diagnosed with ADHD) than with it. Given that, it could be considered child abuse to deny one’s child such treatment.