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I’ve always struggled with studying with my ADHD, but I think the most important thing to look at first is to see whether or not your professor requires the textbook. That’s usually pretty important because a) Textbooks are expensive and b) That cuts down on having to sift through MORE things when you could be studying a better source. Strawberry has it all knocked down, but here’s another cool tip I recently employed:

If you have an activity that you really enjoy, put that in between chunking. For some reason for me whenever I play a certain game it gets my hyperfocusing brain going and I wanna keep going so whenever I fail a section of this game, I move over to my study notes and study a little bit, and then go back to playing the game, and then I fail…

I guess you could say it’s ‘tricking’ the brain by abusing your hyperfocusing and pointing it in a good direction. Just remember to not go too long and make sure you eat and get up and rest your eyes.

Also, always study the material when you get it a little bit at a time until the exams. Cramming is not good.