Reply To: Managing slow processing speed


Hi there,

My name is Katie and I also have inattentive adhd, and slow processing. I’m also a RN and have literally worked my way from the bottom up to the top of my work. Sadly I got married and that ended in divorce after my husband came home from
His job in PA and told me that we were never having babies and that we were getting a divorce instead. I took the pets and I left. I moved away but not far enough away from his house in Monson, MA. I also got involved with another male RN, who got me pregnant and then started beating me daily. This pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. Yes I had a restraining order against him, and yes he got out of it twice knowing the people around him in Monson, MA. So, now I’ve had to forgive myself for the past 3 rapes that have happened to me. Mainly because I was not getting an ‘i’m Sorry’ from either of those men. 8 have been on psych meds since I was 20. Literally in August I am turning 37 and I do not want a huge birthday party, thrown my my dad and his partner. Honestly it’s not a huge deal for me. And I know for a fact that my dad will make it into a huge deal, invite everyone he knows from MA family wise up here. I just want it to be a small get together, and that’s it.

I am extremely distressed when it comes to planning things to get together and cooking like I used to for my ex husband. I was working full time as a RN in Springfield after leaving my RN job at the University campus of UMass on the lake. Sadly now it takes longer for me to do things that I used to do without an issue. That’s my story. Sorry to bore all of you with it. I just understand exactly where you’re coming from too.