Reply To: Don't know what to do!!!


We’ve tried the one on one alone time. But if let’s say my cat walks in the room she gets jealous over the cat. I try keeping my distance on Friday nights so she can have alone time with her father. But because I’m in the house not in the same room or acknowledging her presence she feels it’s not her and daddy time. Hard to take her to stores shes stealing now and has temper tantrums when she doesn’t get her way.
It’s hard to praise especially after she disrespects or does something bad. We’ve been told to praise and change the subject get her to focus on something else but 2 other kids see we are rewarding for bad behavior.
We’ve done prize charts saying if you complete such task you’ll earn xyz. She’ll earn it back for 5 minutes then do something horrible like steal, kick the cat, smear poo on the wall.
I’ve walked away so there wouldn’t be an argument then while I walk away she will do something. Last time I walked away from the argument she craved “next time I’ll” into my table. She didn’t finish because she was caught.
I have told her she isn’t good at being the bad kid she gets caught.
Everytime I think it’s gonna be a good day she tanks it.
It is a vicious circle. Every good we do for her she tanks it.
Every new med we start over clean slate then bam!! Then med changes. This time it’s a stimulant.
Nothing is changing for a good only bad.
She recently said she was a princess and everyone had to obey her. It wasn’t a joke. Her father always says to her whose my princess whose my world. He had to stop calling her princess because she said it at school, home and the doctors.
I just feel no matter what we try nothing will change except my kids won’t be here and I’ll have to leave. Growing up I was taught yes ma’am yes sir. Never ever disrespect your mother so were my 2 children. My daughter 17 also has ADHD. But she was never like this. Shes very kind and polite.
I can’t reward bad behavior. That teaches nothing except it’s ok to do the bad things.