Reply To: Don't know what to do!!!


Have you discussed all of this with her doctor? Did any of these behaviors get worse after starting Adderall? My son does not have ODD so I can’t advise on that BUT when we were trying different meds one of them made his behavior a little crazy – he was doing odd things and could really come up with an explanation, like peeing between his bed and the wall and in other odd places along with some acting out. Changing meds stopped the strange behaviors so I’m just suggesting maybe the Adderall is causing or exacerbating her behavior issues. Trying other stimulants or combining with other meds like Straterra could be options you want to explore. Also, my son recently started taking Ripseridon for OCD related behavior but the doctor told me it’s frequently used for ODD so something else you might want to discuss. I’m a fan of behavior therapy but often you need to use medication to get the child to a point where they are more in control of their emotions and receptive to therapy.