Reply To: Best Job for ADHD


I am a Paramedic and i think its great for ADHD. I also think something similar such as being a police officer etc would be equally fine.

The reason being a paramedic works so well for me is that I come to work, not having any idea what is going to happen. Nothing mundane or repetitive requires completion daily. When my pager goes off i respond to the page, I leave the branch and drive around town (sometimes with sirens which is super exhilarating). Each situation/job i attend is different which keeps me interested! I am with a patient for approx 30-60 mins and then i drop them off at hospital and can completely forget about it. This just works for my ADHD brain. I have also had to develop some tricks to slam the ADHD symptoms so i can be a good paramedic. For example, 1 pen is always required at every job as a paramedic. I carry 5 in various pockets. I also try (and sometimes (ok most of the time) fail) at keeping the same things in the same pockets daily so i never lose them. For those of you thinking its dangerous to be around patients and administering medications etc with ADHD, i would say Yes, it is. However checks and balances always ALWAYS occur. A medication is read aloud and checked by two 2 people 2 times, before given so there is absolutely rarely an error!

I work in a rural location as well, which leaves plenty of time between jobs to do what ever it is i am interested in that day…. which usually changes daily. People i work with ask me what my flavour of the day is and it will be minimalism, or oprah winfrey or true crime… whatever and i will be focused like no other on that topic… until it changes! haha :/

Other perks include being able to go to a coffee shop when not responding to a call

ah i got a job bye!