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You just took the first step towards freedom!
You asked for help!! Us add’ers are so used to fighting (, alone, because any other way is confusing and feels like we have lost the last piece of our self worth.) Accepting that I need help (and that’s something other people don’t seem to do) is the hardest thing I’ve had to do but also afterwards I found it was the most empowering.
You will feel broken but remember that you can’t get
life out of the egg unless its broken. Don’t try and put the pieces of your ‘old dry shell’ back together. It got you this far, which is what you needed it to do, now you can move forward with renewed goodness, a new team of supporters.
Keep loving yourself, you sound like a very intelligent person, use it to think your way out of
You may find telling your family gives them mixed feelings, but life can only get better from here!!
Theres bright days ahead…go get them warrior!!