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We have a similar struggle with my 8yr old(ASD). His BCBA suggested we start by sitting next to his bed for a few nights, then slowly moving closer to the door day by day until we are completely out of the room. This probably would have worked, but I get up very early and am extremely exhausted by bedtime, so I continue to give in. Unfortunately he is very much a routine follower, so I guess I just need to work it into his routine. We have had success with sleeping in the same room, but not in the same bed(so far it doesn’t last very long). Try not to stress over it too much, I know my stress level affect my son intensely, so I have to stay positive and calm even when I have had enough. Does he have any siblings that could share a space with him? Does he verbalize why he feels like he needs to sleep with you? Sometime as parents we overthink these types of situations and make inferences as to how and why our children feel the way they do. Keep trying and celebrate the little successes to help build his confidence and self-esteem.