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Hey there.
This is my first time posting here.

I was completely in the same stage with study after high school. I was really daunted by the prospect of learning at a higher level than I did in High school. Plus I completely struggled with learning and studying as a kid.

When I did my first degree, i actually found it easier than high school. Because when your sifting through research papers, and text books for the information you need to support your argument…. It’s actually working to the strengths of someone with ADHD. I found myself bouncing from one article to another, to another, until I got what I needed. I learned way more this way.

Reading slabs of text is a nightmare. Some tips I use:
– find out what you need to learn from the reading requirement. Ie. is there questions or a quiz you must do. then read the important parts you need.

– if your really struggling, read the first and last sentence of each paragraph. The first sentence is the ‘introduction’; The last sentence is the ‘conclusion’ for each paragraph.

-talk to your classmates about what they’ve read, and get them to summarise.

– find the topic your learning about on an audiobook or documentary. Find another way to take in the information that’s not about reading slabs of text.

– lastly (and probably the most controversial point), is the reading you’ve been given essential? If it isn’t, don’t stress. Many times, teachers and lecturers give students unnecessary reading to do.

These are a few strategies I’ve used in my study. Both times I’ve completed degrees, I’ve had to drop down to a part time load, because I simply couldn’t keep up with all the requirements. While most people I studied with, could flick a switch and focus on the work they need to do…. i felt like I was pushing a car up hill, just to get into the right mindset.