Reply To: 99% sure I have ADHD, but scared


Sounds like it could be. It’s worth talking over with your dr. for sure.

I was diagnosed in college after failing a few years in a row, never being able to keep up, struggling with planning, time blindness, scheduling, impulsivity. Discovering I was not just lazy or stupid was so eye-opening and empowering. Feeling lazy and stupid, failing when you’re trying as hard as you can is miserable. It crushes your self-esteem. Knowing that you have a name, a label for all those struggles, knowing you can treat them and make them better, and getting permission to accept your flaws as a part of who you are, can be life changing.

When talking to your psych, I’d ask about other treatment options in addition to the medication. It’s like putting on glasses after being fuzzy for years, but you still need to know where to look. Getting help figuring out the finances, learning to trust yourself again, and learning how to set and meet goals will help just as much.

I feel like getting tested is usually worth the risk. Most people I’ve talked to who want to get tested are usually pretty certain that they have all the symptoms. It explains what they haven’t been able to explain yet, and ADHDers tend to stand out a little. We’re quirky? We see things a little differently. Nobody wants to have ADHD. But honestly, if you do have it, a diagnosis is such a blessing, because it gives hope. It gives a reason, an explanation for the struggle so far. And it means you’re not stuck in the struggle. It can get better. 🙂