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Just last week, my boss gave me an important paper. One of my coworkers asked for it 20 minutes later, and it was no where to be found. Looked everywhere for it. Ended up making another copy. Found it 2 hours later near the copier!! 😀

Every time my husband leaves a location (home, work, restaurant), he repeats to himself “wallet, keys, phone”. Maybe your son could try that leaving school and on the bus? “Instrument, duffel, backpack”?

When I was in high school (and sometimes even now), I would write important things to remember on my left arm. Bright colors help. Visual cues really seem to help. We still put post it notes on the front door. Maybe he could sit in the same spot on the bus every day, and the bus driver would allow him to put a random sticker on the back of the seat in front of him? Seeing a goofy sticker might be novel enough to remind him to check for everything before jumping up.

Having a place for everything by the front door helps, too. Maybe he can find one spot to keep all of his stuff at each location?

Checklists help me when bringing different things to different places. Maybe he could make a list in the morning of all the things to bring home, then put it in his pocket till the end of the day? Or make the list an alarm on his phone?

High school is a tough transition. It’s just a lot more to juggle. But I know he’ll figure out what works for him in time. He is so blessed to have a mom who helps and accepts him the way you do. 🙂