Reply To: Hate Sleeping-ADHD Related?


Lying in bed for hours, worrying about not being able to sleep is excruciating. So is trying to FORCE your body to rest. I too struggle with sleep, always have. A few things have helped me:

1. No blue lights (phone or computer, tv seems to be okay) for about an hour. I have the “Twighlight” app on my phone to dim the screen.
2. Taking a bath with epsom salts, lavender oil, and vetiver oil. It helps my muscles release the tension of being “on” all day, and the magnesium and oils help my mind relax. I try not to think about sleeping, just relaxing. No pressure, no goals.
3. Having a nightime routine triggers my brain to get ready to sleep. I wash my face, brush my teeth, take supplements, and turn down the thermostat.
4. As soon as I get in the bed, I’ll do something mindless, like a crossword puzzle on my phone (with the twilight app on. it keeps me up if not) or, if I’m still keyed up, watch some home remodeling show. There’s no drama, it’s interesting enough to keep me from thinking too much or worrying, but it’s boring enough that I can doze off if I feel like it.
5. I have found that my ADHD brain loves games. So, every time I bump into a struggle, I find that making it into a game helps me take it less seriously and get it done. Sleeping is no different crazily enough. I downloaded the “Sleep Cycle” app. I turn it on when I’m falling asleep, and in the morning, I check to see how well I slept. I don’t always sleep well, but seeing the immediate results of my sleep habits in the morning gives me a quick boost of dopamine that helps me try again the next night. Plus, if I did sleep well, I’m starting off the day with one accomplishment already done! 🙂

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