Reply To: What do I do???


Don’t be hopeless! There’s always hope! And you are most definitely not alone. ::hugs:: There are millions of people who are/have gone through the same type of situation. Things get better 🙂

I had a couple of teachers in elementary school bring it up to my parents, who didn’t believe them because of my good grades. I eventually got diagnosed at the end of college after struggling through. It’s never too late. 😉

Have you tried talking to your school counselor or a teacher? Sometimes schools offer some testing services through the county, but you may need parent permission if you aren’t 18.

Also, if you are planning to go to college after high school, most schools have a counseling department. If they don’t do testing on site, they can point you to someone who does.

Whatever you do, I’d make sure you get a good ADHD test done with a specialist professional, not a questionnaire. It’ll tell you for sure whether you have it or not. There’s no real guesswork there. Best of luck!