Reply To: 99% sure I have ADHD, but scared


Finding out that ADHD is the underlying problem for my depression and “all the things I hate myself for and disappoint my people with… ” was very empowering for me. That I didn’t have to continually try to prove my capabilities and then drag up some pathetic sounding, blither-blather to explain why I failed yet again…only to be met with that same disbelieving eyeroll and tight lips that rub the salt in to raw wounds. The only addiction from the medication was wanting more of the the benefit of being able to think straight to get more than the bare minimum done. I would like to encourage you to chat to your Psych about it. You have made an amazing effort so far, and are well on the way back up and out of your ‘dark pit’… to learning to love yourself again, and rediscovering that life is not just about how much you do compared to everyone else, but what you do with what you have.

I discovered http://www.organisedhousewife to have some fantastic daily job lists all ready to go..just try to stay focused on the jobs for the day rather than trying to do “all the things”….consider sharing the cost and resources with a friend.