Reply To: Talking


Hi Jolly, I have ADHD (with hyperactivity and inattention) and it happens to me all the times. I also have dyslexia. I see (pictures, scenarios) what I want to say in my mind, or I have the answer but it doesn’t come out in the correct order, with the right pronunciation. It sounds jumble up, a run on sentence with horrible grammar that doesn’t make sense.

If I can, I try to show people instead of explaining to them with speech. Or writing can help because I don’t feel pressure with the person in front of me waiting. For me, it’s better to work on a paragraph for more than 10 minutes, correcting it multiple times on the computer instead of being humiliated.

Many people think I’m stupid, laugh at me or they think I’m suffering from anxiety. The anxiety does come but it’s secondary. It’s cause by being embarrassed from the symptoms. I don’t have any friends. The only people I get along with are ADHD or Dyslexics. Other people rush and judge me in a very negative way without trying or wanting to understand.