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Thank you for opening yourself up and letting us all know about the issues you face.
I am new to this site, and am just starting to open up to other people about my issues.
I was diagnosed with ADD as an adult about 15 years ago. I have also been diagnosed with Anxiety, Bi-Polar and OCD. Not coexistent diagnosis but co-morbid diagnosis by numerous professionals, because I never believe the first or even second one. I am also on the spectrum, which is the one of the tougher challenges to deal with on a daily basis. The co-morbid diagnosis’s are fairly under control with meds and training. The ADD and Autism Spectrum issues are the big issues I deal with on a daily basis. From the clothes I where, to my interactions or lack of interactions with people, to my fluctuations in modes and so on.
I just wanted to say Thank you to you, Christo, and all of the posters on this site. It is helping me open up about my issues and also helps me realize I am NOT alone in this world with what I have to deal with. Thank you all and keep posting. I will keep reading.