Reply To: Is medication working?


I have experience with many moms whose kids are on meds.
First, do the list from above. Really look at your kid on a non-medicated day and then
a medicated day that is roughly the same.

If the days look exactly the same in your child, you might need to up the dose. On the other hand, your dose could be perfect. The brand of your medication may not be effective.
Many of my mom friends and I have gone through this. Pharmacies order different brands based on the deals they can get. Look at your insurance. Figure out the brand you have and call around and see what pharmacies are selling other brands, pharmacies on your insurance list. Some meds don’t seem to do anything for some kids. In fact, I’m pretty sure this magazine has published articles about this.

If you want to make sure the dose is correct and that you have a brand that is not effective, ask your doctor to write a prescription for 5 to 10 pills of the original name brand, that you will pay cash for. Do not get the insurance company involved. If you do this and see no change, then you will likely know you need to look at the dose. If you see a change, you will know you need a different brand. The name brands tend to work, but many insurance companies will not cover them at all.

When people ask me what the meds do that I can see, I say, “you know how people go home from work or out to dinner after work and have that first few sips of wine? And they proceed to sigh, like Ahhhhh, that’s what I see the meds do in many kids that I know.”
You can practically watch it happen.

Good luck, there are options out there and medications are very effective.
Your child will feel better. (They feel the difference.)