Reply To: Waking up early


I def know the struggle. My ADHD kiddo doesn’t sleep well either. She has a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. Even if she goes to bed late she’s still up early.

You have plenty of great advice already, but I’ll still go ahead and share what we do. Some things that have helped us is making sure she gets PLENTY of exercise each day, outside running around and burning off that energy. Time in nature is important, as is exercise. We also try to challenge her mentally each day as well (exhaust the body, exhaust the mind) by encouraging her to engage in some type of learning each day. If you homeschool, you already know how to do this easily- if not, it’s doing anything with her where she’s having fun and learning at the same time. Is she Interested in learning a new language, skill, interest, etc? Or even playing games with her where it feels like a game but she is learning as well. (Sorry if this doesnt make much sense, just ignore it if not). I’m ADD too lol so I feel I’m rambling.

We also have a ‘wake up time. She’s not allowed out of her room until 7:30. If she wakes up early, we have a quiet box with activities she can do quietly, without disturbing others. Most times she falls back asleep without a hitch.