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I have had ADD all my life. As a result, I have gone through many jobs. However, I also made it my business to learn as much as I could about ADD. The most important thing I learned was in which work environments an ADD person would be most likely to find success. Here is a short list, though I am sure you can add others:
1. Teacher
2. Cook or chef
3. Photographer
4. Writer
You see the pattern. ADD folks do best in an environment where they work alone or are self-employed. The stress of supervision when one has an ADD resume can be overwhelming. And, because ADD. people have a flexible sense of time and time management, working for someone else can cause problems. ADDers often practice
brinksmanhip. This means leaving a project until the last minute, at which point the ADD person can be a hero by completing the work at the penultimate moment. This can be managed by if the ADD person is self-employed. It did for me. I used my years of communications experience to become a high-tech PR consultant. I became successful and my practice thrived for over 25 years. Hope this helps.