Reply To: Managing slow processing speed


Hi Mollieka, You must have many strengths and be intelligent to have been so successful! Like you I have ADHD, inattentive type, with my biggest problems in processing speed and working memory. I’m a nurse with a masters degree, but always take longer to get my work done. My diagnosis is recent, so I am throwing myself into researching ways to speed up the processing skills. I have accepted that some things will always take me longer. When in a conversation, in a professional setting, I try to make notes on paper so I can glance at my notes when I’m talking (with the added benefit of helping me focus). I also ask people to repeat questions saying “I didn’t catch that, what did you say?” (people usually think I just didn’t hear them). I also do the “I’ll get back to you about that” if I can’t think of an answer. My husband would get frustrated when I did’t answer something right away (he has a fast processing speed and super smart), but now that he knows it is truly more difficult for me he is more patient. It had caused some fights over the years and I think he really didn’t understand until I got my testing scores (processing speed 4th percentile). I’m looking at the software “inspiration 9” to help with work projects/reports and also to help my high schooler.