Reply To: Waking up early


My son who is ADD has always been an early riser – like 5 a.m. early. When he became a teen, he started getting up even earlier – like 2-3 a.m. and he was done sleeping for the day which really affected his behavior and schoolwork. He was getting so exhausted, we consulted with a child sleep specialist thinking it might be his ADD meds keeping him up, but since he displayed this pattern his whole life, we discovered when he wakes up, he’s really awake for the day and will not fall back asleep (he wore a computer for 2 weeks to determine this). It was recommended that he stay up until the same time each night (and USE electronics – no sleep filtering screens) and then go to bed on time, and take a delayed-release form of Melatonin (6 mg – Natrol brand) – so it does not help him fall asleep (he does fine with that), but instead is released later on when his body wants to wake up for the day. So far it’s been working better than anything we have tried in the past few years and we are so grateful something is finally working! We were also told that some kids who are ADD need their Adderall or whatever they are taking to quiet their brains enough to fall asleep. This was not our issue, but may help someone else…