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My affordable Medicare copay for 60 of the generic methylphenidate would have been $200. I filled half of the script for $100, thank God. I have ALWAYS received Jaansen ER methylphenidate. I was shocked to see that the filled script was A MYLAN METHYLPHENIDATE. I was NEVER told or asked about generic options. Had I been, I would have refused the MYLAN drug. I’ll talk to the pharmacist tomorrow; but this will accomplish nothing, or so I believe. The patient (customer) gets screwed.

Each 54 mg MYLAN was NOT EVEN CLOSE to a therapeutically equivalent to either the brand name Concerta or the Jaansen product, which is licensed from Alza.

Initially, I feel absolutely nothing. About 90 minutes to 2 hours after ingesting the MYLAN product, I am encountering palpitations; and a rapid heartbeat. Forget concentration and focus; I feel like I just got a shot of adrenalin. I am so jumpy … I’d compare this feeling to my college days when I would reach my caffeine limit. After 12-14 cups of coffee on a prolonged (16-18 hours) intense study regimen, the final cup produced a similar effect as does this MYLAN version of Alza’s Concerta. It is garbage. The release mechanism is seriously flawed. Instead of addressing a serious ADD problem, “it is MYLAN introduced an additional problem.”

I had presumed that HEB only sold the Jaansen brand. I was in so much pain with my hip (15 months overdue) I never thought about even looking at brand. As you probably know, pharmacy policy is one of “no returns.”

My choice: with a serious angina issue already … my choice: WAIT for another 22 days before I can refill. My financials are overstretched — Medicare costs are $400, that w/out a full methylphenidate fill. But FDA has no sympathy.

MYLAN should NEVER have been allowed to sell their version of Concerta. Not only does it fail to meet expected therapeutic results; but, IMO, this drug is also dangerous, especially to individuals with existing coronary issues. The LAST THING I NEED is a a drug that presents unbalanced medication releases; also a rapid heart beat.

BTW, I also encountered efficacy problems with Mylan’s ambien. This generic had absolutely no effect on me; I was left with an unresolved insomnia until my next refill. Its the same story with MYLAN’S version of Concerta.

I REFUSE to purchase any/all MYLAN products.