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Hello, and I am with you on this article topic. ADHD makes us so unique and caring, and misunderstood. it is hard to find an equilibrium. I was not diagnosed til I was sixty, and now, I find as I become more aware of my adhd, that I was always, cool, but too much for most people. I don’t know why, but I am. I had to rethink every relationship, and know that I wish I had a friend like me. If you want to have a pal, maybe we can come up with things to help on this forum, and also help and get advice from others. I also have allergies, and was chemically poisoned by hair chemicals, and it makes my system out of balance easily. I had asthma, for the first time, couple weeks ago. I had anemia couple years ago, and am taking iron and b 12. I use to overthink everything, and have a lot of people and places I avoid, because in my mind, I embarrassed myself, does any one relate? we are good people. I don’t like intensity, yet I was so misunderstood, still am at times, I just learned to calmly say, everytime you thought you had it correct about me, you were inaccurate. I did not know me, and I had to learn who I was, when I found out I had adhd, that was just with my kids. I have become a house dweller, and go to my kids. my son lived here, and so did his girl friend, they party, and my load of things I am working on, including house work was getting lighter, but she was cruel, and insensitive, and a fighter, not with me, but she didn’t talk to me, I knew what she was about. I think with us, we are very transparent, and our chaos is visable in our dwelling. dampness makes me worse, and I know that. air quality means a lot, but if I talk too much about the dehumidifier I am getting, on my check coming up, then I am obsessed. I feel that I am more perceptive, happier, yet my house looks like a demilitarized zone, projects started, clothes , clean, but on a bed, and in one room. I get overwhelmed, and just freeze. anyone have an idea? I know paper and organizational things, and math, are hard, grocery shopping is too. peace