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Long before I had my ADHD diagnosis, I went through a heavy drinking period. Getting drunk in those days meant having more than my usual daily bottle of wine. Funny thing is, I don’t remember ever feeling hungover or anything. That said, I was quite depressed, and that might have just felt worse and overwhelmed any hangover feelings.

Once I took on my drinking problem, I reduced my usage to a very moderate 2 drinks, one night a week. That’s when the hangovers started! But they helped, because they discouraged me from having anymore. Anytime I even considered a third drink on my one night, I’d think about last week’s hangover.

Fast forward to my ADHD diagnosis. Now that I’m on Adderall, I don’t get the bad hangovers, but I also don’t even really crave a drink. My one night a week has turned into every other week, sometimes I even skip that. On the very rare occasion I go out with friends, I’ll nurse the same drink for most of the night and just act drunk for fun. 🙂

I guess my point is, that for some reason I’ve had different reactions to alcohol at different times in my life. I’m not 100% sure why.