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I have the same problem. I’m hung over for two or three days after I drink alcohol. It takes another day or two before I’m back to normal. I just don’t drink anymore. I miss being able to relax and talk with friends over a couple of drinks. That is a great way for me to experience some rare time without having anxiety and second-guessing everything I say before I say it. The pain of the hangover headaches, the loss of energy, and general sense of feeling lousy are too high a price to pay for a few hours of not feeling self-conscious and not worrying about what people think of every move I make or word I say. I’ve often wondered if I’m allergic to alcohol or if my body has a problem breaking down and eliminating the alcohol. Unless you’re capable of just having one drink and then stopping, or can resist the peer pressure to drink, you may need to stop seeing those friends in any situation that involves alcohol. New friends and a new lifestyle (finding and hanging out with exercise and health fanatics) may be your best option. I don’t have the answers. I’m still trying to figure it out myself. I’d also like to hear from other people who have this problem.