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Your comment about meds not telling you what to concentrate on really resonates with me! I’m struggling a bit with that one. It’s about 5 months since I started Adderall. I quickly discovered that if I didn’t plan out what I was going to do a little ahead of time, that my Adderall-ed brain would just pick some random thing and stick with it for way too long, preventing me from getting to what I needed to do (I mean mostly at work).

Sites like this one don’t help in those times! He he. A few times, I’ve found myself spending a few hours scouring the articles here thinking about being productive at work, ironically. 🙂

But I’m learning to be more intentional with my new found ability to focus.

And to bring it all back, so far it seems like I need to have unproductive days in order to fuel up for the productive ones. And I’m so productive on the productive days, that I’ve sort of “earned” the unproductive ones.