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The boundless energy comes in spurts, so if I feel tired and incapable of logical thought today, more than likely tomorrow (or the next day) will be better. I’ll be ready to get ALL the things done again. 🙂 Usually I feel slower on cloudy days. I also find I feel that way after a few days of intense focus or stress.

On days when I find it impossible to be productive, I give myself permission to take it easy. I throw away the to-do list and pick 2-3 things I HAVE to get done today. The essentials. I focus on those, slowing down and not pushing myself too hard. Usually, those 2-3 things are manageable, and once I get those done, sometimes I get in the “groove” and complete more tasks. If not, I can be proud that I accomplished and finished something, instead of struggling all day to accomplish everything and finishing nothing.

Today just so happens to be one of those days. 🙂