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Eric Swanson

If you are tired of the same same with Doctors primarily interested in writing scripts and verifying that you are not feeling like you want to hurt yourself or others . Then I have someone you need to look into. I have boarderline severe auditory ADHD. I have been without drugs since April 1st. And been doing Brain Training since May 1st. I have a ways to go and it is a process.

Peak Brain Institute, Andrew Hill.

You can have a telephone conversation about his process. He offices out of California, but also goes to his St Louis Missouri office a few times a month.

I am completely sold and in for the long term. You need to purchase the equipment in order to do in home training.

Andrew used to have ADHD. That is no small statement. Ask him about it. Drugs temporarily address symptoms and we deal with the highs and lows, the engaged/ disenged times. It’s worth a try. Call him