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Big L

I was just recently diagnosed with ADHD, and I’m almost 57 years old. While discussing this with my counselor she gave me something that made so much sense to me. The ADD/ADHD brain is amazing at making snap decisions. However, if it’s something that needs to be meditated on or researched we can get lost in information gathering, and weighing all of our options. She gave me the acronym, NICU, (New, Interesting, Challenging, Urgent). Something new grabs our attention, but, if it isn’t interesting to us, we will become bored with it and move on to something else. If it is interesting we have the ability to super focus, the same goes for Challenging. Urgent describes our ability to make snap decisions. After this was described to me I reflected on my life and the jobs I have held. Military for 17 years, Truck Driver, Computer consultant, Terminal Manager, and Operations Manager. Each of these jobs goes along with the NICU explanation. I could never work on a production line or as a secretary in an office, I would go crazy. In school, I always wanted to move forward instead of going over, and over, what was being taught. So after the first time going over something I would start drawing until something new was being taught. That didn’t always go over well with the teachers until I repeated back to them what they were teaching. Attending school was very boring! Ok, so on to what I would do and have done my whole life. If an opportunity for something presented itself I would jump into it. No thinking about it, just do it. That makes it New, Interesting, Challenging, and Urgent which activates our brains. I had no idea that this is what I was doing to cope with my ADHD, that and always bouncing my legs when I was bored and had to focus. Jobs that are great for people with ADHD would be jobs such as, police officer, paramedic, doctor, lawyer, manager, and others that require quick thinking and decision making. I don’t know commercial real estate so I can’t say that it would be something I would do. But, if you like it and can get lost in it for hours then it will work for you. I love spreadsheets, I start working on building one and can be lost in it for hours and hours. Forgetting to eat and sleep. Anyway, sorry for my long-winded reply, thanks to everyone for the support that is provided here.