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Hi! I understand your concern.
Is it necessary for your husband to take each pill to work daily?
Maybe he could have 2 pill boxes, one for home and one for work. He could leave the second pill box at his work place with enough medication for one or two weeks. In this way he would not need to carry a single one to work everyday. When he runs out at work he could simply bring the pill box at home and refill it for another week or two. No loose pills anymore!

I am terrified of loose pills. I do not have kids, but I do have a miniature dachsund. She is not the swalloweverythingIsee type, lucky me, but I still worry about what might happen if I dropped a pill. I remember spending almost one hour trying to find a Ritalin pill I dropped in my bathroom. I was panicking, I didn’t want to leave the house before I made sure there was no chance that my dog could find it and swallow it. I eventually found it, half dissolved in the toilet. Phew! Anyway, it’s a serious issue.

Good luck