Reply To: Do i have it or not


Definitely get evaluated. I went to a psychiatrist because I wanted an MD that I could discuss my severe memory problems. I had brain surgery a year prior so I thought memory issues were related to that but it turns out that I my surgery flipped a switch triggering my ADD into high gear. The diagnosis explained a lot of issues in my life including super low self esteem. Turns out that I’m not dumb. I’m not lazy for skipping around from career to career because I didn’t want to invest time in any one of them. The uninteresting project management career that I landed on allows me to continuously move from task to task to task. About 2months ago I finally was treated. I take Wellbutrin and with ONE dose I could feel my baseline completely change. I could stop moving and actually be present in my life. And for the first time ever I could actually sit down and watch TV with my kids.