Reply To: Another girl without friends


My favorite book for children with special needs is Special People, Special Ways. It is not specifically about ADHD. Rather it highlights that everyone has something and that we are all the same and deserve to be cherished and respected. Although it’s written for ages 4-7, as many kids do she may enjoy talking about the pictures and elaborating on the text.

My son as well as my students have struggled over the years socially due to a variety of reasons including cognitive rigidity, limited perspective taking, emotional dysregulation, executive functioning deficits (e.g., self control, flexibility, disorganization), receptive and expressive language disorders, low self-esteem and anxiety. I recommend the following books: Socially ADDept, Smart but Scattered, Sarah Ward’s EF work/Cognitive Connections, Superflex: A Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum, and Zones of Regulation. I also recommend the Growth Mindset (teaching resilience, taking risks, FAIL=first attempt at learning, “marvelous mistakes,” resilience and “grit,” and working collaboratively) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from a young age to frame/reframe thoughts. Foster your child’s special talents, which will build self-esteem but also provide opportunities for making friends who share the same interests.