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Joining study groups or telling people you are starting a study group is a great way to learn the ccourse content, get feedback from classmates & make friends.
I made a habit of introducing myself to the people I sat next to & I always sat up front. More extroverted people & generally more serious students sit up front in my experience. Which helped me concentrate on the teacher & meeting more talkative people. Which I needed since I have always been more introverted, but more so the first year or two of college(I attended college from ages 18-23, attended the Army Nurses Course for almost 2 years, then went back to college the last time from age 28-32.)
I also went to the gym every day & looked for workout partners who tended to workout at the same time as well.
When I ate in the cafeteria for meals I would always sit a seat down from a group of people at a table. I often got invited to move down & join the conversation. After awhile, I always had people I knew eating around the same time & some of them I’d end up hanging out with after getting to know them.
I also tend to be drawn to charismatic people who seem to make friends more easily than I do. Making friends with their friends was definitely the main way I met people I became friends with or would go out on dates with.
But finding friends taking the same classes & with the same major really helped my grades, as well as increased my enjoyment of the whole college experience. Obviously I attended more college than the average person, so I got to make lots of mistakes & find ways to succeed.
When I am teaching my students something new, I always emphasize repetition & practice. I ask them the question, “do you know the difference between my skill level at a given technique & yours?

I have failed more times than you have ever even tried. ”
Good luck to you 🙂