Reply To: Another girl without friends


Hi! I am an 18year old girl with combination type adhd, and I struggle with making friends. However, it’s gotten waaaaaay better since I was your daughter’s age. Back then I only had a few real friends (though I tried to be friendly with everyone). In middle school I made a few groups of friends. Over the years I lost some and gained some. In high school I transferred to a new school. I made a few groups of friends. Again, I lost some and gained some. The worst was probably when a whole group of people, including someone I considered one of my best friends, essentially told me that they didn’t want me there. It was hard for a while, especially since they were who I sat with at lunch, but I moved on. Now I’m going to college in the fall and I’ve already made new friends. I have a lot of anxiety about losing them, but for now they seem to like me. Point is, it may be difficult for your daughter, but it will get better.