Reply To: Meltdowns


Hi! Thank you for posting!! I know how hard it is to admit our issues and perceived shortcomings!! Emotional outbursts is something I’ve dealt with all my life. I was diagnosed as a young child so therapy and meds along with behavioral modifications have been part of my daily life for as long as I can remember. Even with all of this I still have complete meltdowns! Embarrassing to say the least! I’m 37 now and they don’t happen as much but they still happen. I can tell you my best defense is recognizing and isolating my triggers and letting my support system I.e. my husband, close friends that know about my ADHD and are in my life everyday. My husband knows my triggers like crowded places and noise and he become attuned to the change in my facial expressions or body language and most of the time he sees me losing it before I even realize it and helps remove me from the situation or keeps me calm. Yes it is a lot to ask of the people in our lives but you have remember that they choose to be a part of our lives and choose to accept us as we are. My worst times and most irrational times come with my hormonal fluctuations right before my monthly cycle – there is no birth control or med that has been able to combat the rollercoaster that happens during that 7-10 days every month and trust me I’ve tried them all! Some women have found the ticket I have not but I would still encourage you to try because maybe one will help. It took me YEARS to make the connection between my cycle and the meltdowns! Once I did it was a revelation! I become highly cranky and sensitive along with angry for no reason and completely irrational! Things that would never bother me otherwise become the biggest issue ever and I lash out or become depressed even hateful at times. Talk about crazy PMS right?! Anyways the way I learned to help with this is with my best friend. We came up with a system and it has worked and it helps!!! We call these thoughts, feelings, anger or whatever the ‘crazy train’. She is my sound board. Any thoughts or emotions that come up I immediately either text, call, email or whatever with her and bounce it off of her and ask her is this legit or not. Am what I am thinking or feeling justified. For me this works best because she is honest and non judgmental so I openly tell her all the things that go through my brain without fear that she will think I’m mean or harsh or hateful. I tell her the situation and she tells me flat out if I’m justified or riding the crazy train. Most of the time while I’m explainibg things to her I see already that it’s not justified. Sometimes just voicing thoughts and feelings calms things and lets you ‘see’ that you’re over the top or maybe not thinking clearly or feeling something that is outside of typical self. I hope this helps you some or maybe gives you a different window to look out of. I would suggest keeping a journal of your meltdowns to help you pin point triggers and patterns. Once you identify them you can combat them! Pick a person that no matter what day or time it is will be your sounding board and don’t give up!
Best of luck!