Reply To: Anxiety or ADHD?


Thanks for sharing that weisl. I did go through an assessment earlier this week, and was in fact diagnosed with ADHD, and much to my surprise, I was told I have the hyperactivity portion as well as inattentiveness. I took Concerta for the first time yesterday actually. It wasn’t quite what I expected. I didn’t feel like a buzz or rush of energy, but I did find myself sitting in spot in an uncomfortable chair for 4 hours working on an important document without constantly moving from place to place or noticing others around me etc. I got a LOT of work done, and actually enjoyed it. I’ve read that for most Concerta last 6-8 hrs, but it was pretty much 10-12 for me. I got a little anxious as I felt it wearing off, and had a difficult timing falling asleep, but I did eventually, so it wasn’t terrible. Do you mind if I ask what med you take, and how it was in the beginning for you?