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We are a pet family, always have been. When my son was four we gave him his own kitten after he’d been asking for a year. I thought it might help his self-esteem, and perhaps be a calming influence. He’d been struggling with toilet training for months and we’d told him that once he got the job done he could a kitten; however after giving that task everything he had for months it still hadn’t completely come together and he was feeling discouraged. The decision was made to acknowledge his hard work and the progress he’d made so we got him one, and was he ever proud! It has been a great experience. We were already prepared to do the care aspects of pet ownership but he tries to help when he can and loves being ‘big enough’ to help with feeding and brushing. He adores the cat and they get along well. It’s amazing how well he can sit on the sofa when that cat is in his lap!

I would recommend starting out slow if you aren’t sure about a dog because of hair/poop etc. Perhaps contact your local humane society and start volunteering your time there together, or ask them about becoming an animal foster parent for animals who need it. It’s a great way to see what ownership feels like and you can ‘test-drive’ a pet without the long-term commitment right away. You may even find that a cat or a rabbit works. Good luck!

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