Reply To: Meltdowns


College, and shortly after was the worst. So much change and insecurity. Suddenly, you have to do it ALL on your own. They got bad again when we had major life changes. The meltdowns got better once I started practicing self-care and working on self-love. And eating. Never doubt the power of low blood sugar… Therapy REALLY helped, too. Therapy helped me realize that, even though I have ADHD, I am still capable of living a full and successful life. They completely disappeared when I started facing fears and making choices about life, created more personal security, minimized general stress, and learned to recognize when I was feeling stressed (before the meltdowns happened). Once I started making changes, I started believing that I could make MORE changes in my life. Now, instead of melting down, I calm down and look for a solution to whatever the fear/anger/stressor is that is causing it. Self-care, self-love, and self-control. It’s unsettling when your body scares you, when you don’t trust it. If you take care of it, and take care of your mind and emotions, maybe it can get better?