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Turquoise Dove

II was invited to attend a Center for Spiritual Living group meditation and service. I went, because I didn’t want to hurt the feelings (you guys know the drill) of the person who invited me, but I’m glad I did! This group is based on New Thought, and they actually TEACH you how to think positively. I had no idea I had so many negative thoughts!! I was under the impression that I was simply thinking thoughts that were true when in actuality it was a long tirade of negativity. They warn that one needs to be constantly vigilant in guarding our minds against thoughts that don’t serve us well. For example, “Oh no! A traffic jam!” can change to, “”Thank goodness I have a full tank of gas and won’t run out if this lasts a while.” I’ve actually used that one. At first, it’s a constant vigilance, but now I find that when a negative thought comes into my head, I automatically change it around to a positive. Also, they teach mindfulness. When I start spinning out of control, I’ve learned to stop, ask myself what’s really happening, i.e., is disaster REALLY looming? Is my life REALLY heading for financial disaster. The answer is always, well, no, not REALLY. I meditate in short boughts throughout the week and for a 1/2 hour on Sundays with the group. This and giving up alcohol except for a single light drink if I’m out with friends, has made a huge difference in my ability to control the anxiety/depression aspect of my ADHD. Being a hunter/warrior in a sower/gatherer society isn’t easy, especially when they’ve dubbed us “disordered”! I also want to say that I’m a devout Christian, so I do take the New Thought theology with a grain of salt. So, take what you need from it and leave the rest. Actually, they don’t care. They’re just glad to be able to help you out on your personal journey.