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I’m going to disagree, to some degree. You are under no obligation to read any of the content that is annoying or frustrating you on this site, or any other source. Your emotional reaction is yours and yours alone, no one here is obligated to cater to them. So own them instead of projecting them as judgement onto an entire community.

There are different kinds and different levels of ADHD. It’s great that yours was easy to conquer. You should appriciate that rather than allowing it to entitle you to judge others. One of the biggest issue we deal with, especially as kids, is ignorant, judgmental people telling us to just stop being lazy. If you know anything about this condition, you know it has nothing to do with laziness, or irresponsibility, etc.

It is hard, it does require more from us than we naturally are inclined to give, it does require help from others, it often requires medical treatment. I can write 1000 pages on why, but the whys are already out there for you to learn once you open your mind and get over your irrational emotional reaction which causes unhealthy judgement of others.

Part of how we deal with it, is to get with others that have the same experience and complain about how hard it is. That is healthy.

And yes, I do agree we are responsible for our actions, just like everyone. But taking responsibility looks very different for us than your judgement imply.